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Virtue Spire iR² Loader

RM 650.00

Since it's inception, the Spire has dominated the loader scene all around the world. With the Spire IR², Virtue has made paintball's best value to performance loader even more durable and reliable.

  • Third generation flexible Spire drive is soft on paint, geometrically optimized with a 9-ball raceway to feed at high rates of fire without ever jamming.
  • Upgraded interlocking shell design holds together on tough dives.
  • Featuring a toolless lid for a quick change speed feed. 2-piece toolless shell for easy disassembly, cleaning, and battery changing.
  • Upgraded toolless and more durable dual material Spire drive allows for easy cleaning of the ball raceway.


  • 9-ball raceway
  • Never pulses, never jams
  • Intelligent proactive 3-eye feeding
  • Softer on paint
  • Durable nylon shells
  • Better battery life
  • Quick change lid & speedfeed