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Virtue PF165 Locking Pod

RM 25.00

Virtue PF135 / PF165 “Press Flick” Locking Lid Paintball Pods 

The Virtue “Press Flick™” pod ensures easy, intuitive reloads while minimizing accidental spills. Compared to a standard pod with a tapered diameter, which reduces capacity over the length of the pod, the PF pod’s the consistent diameter allows for an increased capacity or smaller pod sizes. Choose from the PF135 that’s nearly 2″ smaller than a normal pod and holds the same paint, or use the PF165 that’s the same size as a normal pod and hold 20% more paint.

PF165 Features
- Intuitive Press or “Press Flick” to unlock.
- Locking lid minimizes spilled paint – save paint for every pod you don’t spill!
- Same size as a standard pod.
- Holds 20% more paint than a standard pod – 165 round capacity
- Increased capacity allows you to carry more paint (or less pods) in the same size harness.
- Ideal for high capacity loaders like the Spire 260.
- Larger, more durable hinge and pin.