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Virtue Clock66 Chronograph

RM 2,095.00

The Clock 66 is the next-generation paintball chronograph with a major reliability and performance upgrade. The Clock has become the industry standard for over a decade - fields, leagues, teams, and players can now depend on the Clock 66 to get fast and accurate readings for velocity (FPS), rate of fire (BPS), as well as key performance data such as peak BPS, peak FPS, Average FPS, and Standard Deviation of a string to measure the consistency of your setup. Plus, the Clock 66 can broadcast prolonged streams of paint for detailed shot consistency readings over Bluetooth to most Android and iOS devices using the Virtue Paintball + App.

  • Designed to meet the IP66 level of waterproofing protection
  • Redesigned electronics, hardware and injection molded components
  • Faster processor and improved radar antenna ensures accurate results
  • Uses two CR123A Lithium batteries (not included) - more reliable, last longer, lighter, and won't leak