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Ninja Carbon Fiber SL2 68ci 4500psi Tank - Black with Red Logo ProV2

RM 1,650.00

Ninja Carbon Fiber SL2 Superlite 4500 psi Tanks.

The industry made a giant leap forward with the release of the Ninja Superlite SL series of tanks. Ninja used their years of experience to develop the lightest weight tank in paintball.

These new lightweight tanks are 30% lighter than the standard versions of the same size and offer players a truly lightweight option to their setup.

These tanks come with Ninja's Pro V2 regulator. Ninja's PRO V2 series of regulators takes their already very popular and innovative standard regulator and improves upon it even further. Ninja PRO V2 regulators are fully rotational so you can set the gauge and fill nipple in any position you want without digging into your wrist. This regulator, like all Ninja regulators, also features a brand-new pin valve design which gives you 30% increased flow over other regs. This regulator comes standard with durable brass alloy bonnet, mini fill valve and micro gauge.