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Ninja PRO V3 4500psi HPA Regulator (Ultralite)

RM 570.00

Ninja Paintball's new PRO V3 series of regulators takes their already very popular and innovative PRO V2 regulator and improves upon it even further.

Ninja PRO V3 regulators are fully rotational so you can set the gauge and fill nipple in any position you want without digging into your wrist. This regulator, like all Ninja regulators, also features the New Pin style output, which offers increased flow over other regs. This regulator comes with either a durable Stainless-steel or aluminum bonnet, o-ring fill valve, lower profile Pro burst disks and micro gauge.

Regulator output is pre-set to 550psi.


  • New Pin Valve Seal
  • 30% Increased Flow
  • Improved Seal Integrity
  • Rotational 360 Degree Bonnet
  • Pressure Adjustable with Included Shims
  • Repair Kit and hex key included
  • Made in USA
  • Weight: 153 grams